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About Mindfulnets

About Mindfulnets

What is Mindfulnets?

Mindfulnets is the first community and social network where you can train mindfulness online with a single click and share the experience.

Mindfulness is to pay attention to the present moment without judging. Mindfulness helps you overcome stress-related life challenges.

Why Mindfulnets?

Science, medicine and the experience of thousands of people support the benefits of practicing mindfulness. If you are interested in taking care of yourself, learning, and sharing with your friends what you learn from practicing mindfulness, this is your place and moment.

Transform stress into well-being.

Who is it for?

Mindfulnets is mainly for people interested in overcoming stress and feel better. It is also directed at researchers, health and medicine professionals interested in using mindfulness with their patients. It is equally interesting to organizations that wish to reduce the stress levels of their employees.

Mindfulnets is for you. Connect with your well-being.

What does Mindfulnets have to offer?

In Mindfulnets you can find information on mindfulness and its benefits. As a registered user you can get to know your stress level, train mindfulness, share your experience with your friends and ask experts that can help you with your practice.

Connect here and now with thousands of people who are training mindulness online.

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