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Informed consent.

When you register as a user you are participating in an online research study. The principal investigator is Miguel Quintana, a PhD candidate in the Complutense University of Madrid. Psychology Faculty (Basic psychology department II), Somosaguas - 28223 - Madrid.

This study is completely ANONYMOUS and keeps to essential ethic rules used as a reference in psychological investigation in humans. The goal of the present research study is, among others, to evaluate the benefits of online mindfulness training to reduce stress. It involves providing a battery of online forms and questionnaires. You will be asked to fill in personal data and data on your opinion of your state.

This study keeps to the following principles: 1). Security. This study doesn't involve any physical nor emotional or psychological risk to its participants; 2.) Information. Participants have the right to know the purpose of the present study and of each intervention during the session and program; 3.) Confidentiality. Data recovery and treatment will guarantee absolute confidentiality, maintaining the anonymous character of participation.

Upon registering on the Mindfulnets® platform I accept to participate in this study having been informed of the goals and principles of this online research study.

Liability disclaimer

All content, information, services, reports and materials provided on this Mindfulnets Web Site, must be interpreted with educational, learning process, guideline or reference goals. They must not be considered as substitutes for programs of evaluation, diagnostic, or recommendations established by medical professionals, corporate directives, or educational centers.

Participation as a user of Mindfulnets® and the MindFocus® app doesn't represent any physical, mental or emotional risk for the user. Companies and professionals participating in the concept, creation, development and commercialization of this web and its software applications, deny any responsibility on unlawful, improper or negligent use that may cause any damage or prejudice to the user or other people.

Consult with your doctor.

The mindfulness training which you access from Mindfulnets® and MindFocus® webs doesn't substitute the treatment prescribed by your doctor. Inform your doctor to indicate you are using this application based on mindfulness interventions to reduce stress. For specific questions on mindfulness you can contact our expert team (in the contact section) or a specialised professional who applies mindfulness-based interventions in the clinical, corporate or preventive health setting.


The MindFocus® device shouldn't be used when you are performing activities in jobs or responsibilities that require great attention. The attention centered on the MindFocus® exercise can interfere with the attention on other activities which are performed simultaneously.

About the working and availability of the Mindfulnets® Web Site.

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