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Who we are


Miguel Quintana is the founder of Mindfulnets®. He holds a Masters degree in Health Promotion from Tsukuba University and is an expert in mindfulness from the Center of Mindfulness at the School of Medicine in Massachusetts University.

His mission in Mindfulnets ® is to contribute to the scientific knowledge and spreading about how the human being transforms suffering into knowledge with the practice of mindfulness.


Our team is made up of researches and professionals from the health, education and medicine fields specialised in mindfulness. We wish to share this knowledge and the latest advances in the benefits of mindfulness for cancer, chronic pain or work-related stress.

Sharing specialised knowledge on mindfulness.


Mindfulnets is an open web space that we are creating among all of us. The users of this web are people like you who share their personal and professional experience. We would like to listen to your comments, experiences and needs.

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