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Breathing click exercise

  1. Focus your attention on your breathing. Just feel the breath flow naturally, without trying to change it.
  2. Click each time you breathe out. Do not click mechanically, as if you were in “automatic pilot mode”.
  3. Feel each exhale and click.

If you get distracted, get your attention back to the feeling of your breath and click.

Keep on exercising until the session reaches the end.


How it works

Get comfortable

Get ready! Make yourself comfortable and observe your body posture.
Breathe deeply three times to ease your body tensions and focus your mind.
The exercise starts in:


...seconds wtih the sound of the bell/with the following screen.

Enjoy your mind-body training


Once the session is ended, move slowly your arms and legs.

Stretch your body while opening your eyes.
Breathe deeply three times.



Active session. Focus your attention, breathe and click.


MindFocus Results


Expand this mindfulness practice to an open and non-judgmental observation of the experience you are having. Keep training with MindFocus®!

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